Sept. 8, 2016

Zellerbach Hall
University of California, Berkeley

A better way to do business.

The Best for the World Gathering surrounds the annual awards honoring companies whose groundbreaking business models are best for workers, best for communities, and best for the environment. This fun, educational event connects current and future business leaders who seek a better way to do business. Held at the University of California, Berkeley, in partnership with the Haas School of Business and the Center for Responsible Business, this event offers the chance for conscientious business leaders to gather, educate and celebrate the positive impact business can have in the world.

Haas School of Business
Center for Responsible Business
B the Change Media


Bryan Welch Bryan Welch CEO, B the Change Media

Our daily collaboration with these businesspeople committed to doing good is, basically, thrilling. We get to work with some of the most rigorous and competent professionals in the world. Business is the most powerful organizer of human energy and an extraordinary group of organizations is harnessing that power as a force for good. The Best for the World honorees represent the vanguard of this revolutionary movement and we are privileged to honor them and to bring their accomplishments to light at this pivotal gathering. Thanks for being with us!


Lisa Arie

Co-Founder & CEO, Vista Caballo

Ted Castle

Owner & President, Rhino Food

Bruno Defelippe

Co-founder, Koga Impact Lab

Shamini Dhana

CEO & Founder, Dhana Inc.

Neill Duffy

CEO & Founder, Purpose + Sport

Michael Elsas

President, Cooperative Home Care Associates, Inc.

Patricia Farrar-Rivas

Founding Principal and CEO, Veris Wealth Partners

Isabel Garreton

Founder, Isabel Garretón, Inc.

Christopher Gavigan

Co-Founder and Chief Purpose Officer, The Honest Company

Jay Coen Gilbert

Co-Founder, B Lab

Kim Jordan

Co-Founder, New Belgium Brewing

Jesse Laflamme

Co-Owner & CEO, Pete and Gerry's Organics

Adam Lowry

Co-Founder & Co-CEO, Ripple Foods, PBC

Rose Marcario

President and CEO, Patagonia, Inc.

Rehana Nathoo

Vice President of Social Innovation, The Case Foundation

Jim Osgood

CEO, President & Chairman, Klean Kanteen

Craig Ostbo

Managing Partner, Koopman Ostbo

Amy Prosenjak & Deb Hatcher

President/COO and Founder/Chief Marketing & Sales Officer, A to Z Wineworks

Kirsten Saenz Tobey

Co-Founder & Chief Impact Officer, Revolution Foods

Mathieu Senard

Co-Founder & Co-CEO, Alter Eco

Roger Schmid

Global Innovation Advisor, Natura Cosméticos Operaciones Internacionales

Steve Schueth

Co-Founder & President, First Affirmative Financial Network

Vince Siciliano

CEO, New Resource Bank

Shakirah Simley

Community Coordinator, Bi-Rite Market

Jostein Solheim

CEO, Ben & Jerry's

Elizabeth & Nicolas Soubelet

Co-Founders, SQUIZ

Andrea Walker

Creative Media Evangelista, Beneficial State Bank

Judy Wicks

Author, Good Morning, Beautiful Business


Gathering Schedule

Party with a purpose.

Mentorship Conference

11 a.m. - 4 p.m.

An opportunity for students and business leaders to interact with Best for the World honorees and build relationships that lead to great people finding careers at great companies. The event will feature a series of keynotes and panel discussion to get the juices flowing.

11:00 am - 11:10 am Introduction: Bryan Welch
11:10 am - 11:55 am Panel 1: "What I've Learned About Leadership: Leading for Growth"
Kirsten Saenz Tobey, Co-Founder & Chief Impact Officer, Revolution Foods Adam Lowry, Co-Founder & Co-CEO, Ripple Foods, PBC Moderator: Bryan Welch, CEO, B the Change Media
11:55 am - 12:15 pm "Ben & Jerry's Leadership Journey"
Jostein Solheim, CEO, Ben & Jerry's
12:15 pm - 1:00 pm Panel 2: "What I've Learned About Leadership: Leading Towards Legacy"
Kim Jordan, Co-Founder, New Belgium Brewing Ted Castle, Owner & President, Rhino Food Michael Elsas, President, Cooperative Home Care Associates Inc. Amy Prosenjak, President, A to Z Wineworks Moderator: Bryan Welch, CEO, B the Change Media
1:00 pm - 1:20 pm
Interview with Rose Marcario, President & CEO of Patagonia, conducted by Robert Strand, Ph.D., Executive Director & Lecturer, Center for Responsible Business at Berkeley-Haas
1:20 pm - 2:00 pm Lunch Break
2:00 pm - 2:20 pm "Reimagining Growth as a Measurement of Success"
Judy Wicks, Local Living Economy Writer/Public Speaker
2:20 pm - 3:05 pm Panel 3: "Investment for Change"
Vince Siciliano, CEO, New Resource Bank Steve Schueth, President, First Affirmative Financial Network Patricia Farrar-Rivas, CEO, Veris Wealth Partners Rehana Nathoo, Vice President of Social Innovation, Case Foundation Moderator: Kellie A. McElhaney, Ph.D., Adjunct Professor at Berkeley-Haas
3:05 pm - 3:15 pm "Egghead Entrepreneur"
Jesse Laflamme, CEO, Pete and Gerry's
3:15 pm - 4:00 pm
Interview with Deval Patrick, Managing Director in Impact Investment at Bain Capital & Former Governor of Massachusetts conducted by Laura D'Andrea Tyson, Professor of Business Administration and Economics Director, Institute for Business & Social Impact at Berkeley-Haas
4:00 pm - 7:00 pm Break


7 p.m. - 8 p.m.

A sampling of delicious and responsibly-produced wines and spirits from across the nation. Tastings will connect good business with good results.

Awards Ceremony + Party with a Purpose

8 p.m. - 11 p.m.

A gala honoring accomplished Best for the World companies and highlighted nominees, including presentations by some of the most innovative and influential leaders within the B Corp community.

8:00pm - 8:30pm
W. Kamau Bell
8:30pm - 8:35pm
Bryan Welch, CEO, B the Change Media: Welcome
8:35pm - 8:40pm
Kim Jordan, Co-Founder, New Belgium Brewing: "Brewing With Purpose"
8:40pm - 8:45pm
Shamini Dhana, CEO & Founder, Dhana Inc.: "Uniting Humanity Through Fashion"
8:45pm - 8:50pm
Isabel Garretón, President/Owner of Garretón, Inc: "Pioneering the Concept of Social Enterprise"
8:50pm - 8:55pm
Ted Castle, Owner & President, Rhino Foods: "Rhino Income Advance Program: 'Helping Employees Bring Their Best Selves To Work'"
8:55pm - 9:00pm
Lisa Arie, Co-Founder & CEO, Vista Caballo: "Impact the World. The Power of Presence"
9:00pm - 9:05pm
Deb Hatcher, Founder & Chief Marketing & Sales Officer, A to Z Wineworks: "The Edge of the Universe"
9:05pm - 9:10pm
Jim Osgood, CEO, President & Chairman, Klean Kanteen: "Mission in Motion: How You Show Up Is 90 Percent of Success"
9:10pm - 9:15pm
Kirsten Saenz Tobey, Founder & CEO, Revolution Foods: "Revolution Foods: Doing Well By Feeding Good"
9:15pm - 9:20pm
Neill Duffy, CEO & Founder, Purpose + Sport: "Reimagining the Purpose of Sport"
9:20pm - 9:25pm
Mathieu Senard, Co-Founder & Co-CEO, Alter Eco: "Full Circle Sustainability"
9:25pm - 9:30pm
Shakirah Simley, Community Programs Manager, Bi-Rite Family of Businesses: "Private Business, Public Purpose: Community at Bi-Rite"
9:35pm - 9:40pm
Elizabeth and Nicolas Soubelet, Founders, SQUIZ: "Well-Begun Is Half-Done"
9:40pm - 9:45pm
Bruno Defelippe, Co-founder & CEO, Koga Social Business Lab: "Paraguay – Social Innovation Lab"
9:45pm - 9:50pm
Andrea Walker, Creative Media Evangelista, Beneficial State Bank: "Build Something Beautiful"
9:50pm - 9:55pm
Roger Schmid, Global Innovation Advisor, Natura International Inc.: "Introducing Natura"
9:55pm - 10:00pm
Jay Coen Gilbert, Co-Founder, B Lab: Best for the World video introduction
10:00pm - 10:30pm
Craig Ostbo, Managing Partner, Koopman Ostbo: Awards Presentation
10:30pm - 11:00pm
Playing for Change

What to expect

The B the Change Media event I attended was fantastic. The topics, the agenda and the structure were all fantastic. It created a passionate, connected, excited mood for the entire gathering. But the best part was the people. Everyone was terrific, aligned and great to be around. Eric Jacobson
Gratitude Railroad
Conductor of Purpose

Why is this conference for you?


Connect with leaders of the global movement to use business as a force for good. Learn and share best practices with Best for the World honorees. Meet next gen leaders from Haas School of Business.

Career Building

Whether you're a student or professional, there is no better place to jump start or transition to a career in the impact economy. These Best for the World companies are looking for best in the world talent.

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Location and Venue

area full of great hotels and restaurants.

Spend an engaging and thought-provoking day full of discussion, networking opportunities and celebratory entertainment at the University of California Berkeley's Zellerbach Hall.


Zellerbach Hall

University of California Berkeley

101 Zellerbach Hall #4800

Berkeley, CA 94720

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